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    Characters from Star Wars games who should be canon

    In 2014, Disney decanonised the original Expanded Universe; all the books, comics and games are now non-canon. Only the six cinema films and the Clone Wars cartoon would be considered canon from then on. A lot of us felt a bit sad to see some favourite characters rendered moot. Here’s my pick of Star Wars characters from the computer games that I’d like to see in canon.

    Kyle Katarn

    Kyle Katarn, obviously! My most favourite Star Wars character, Katarn is an ex-stormtrooper who quit after finding out the Empire killed his family. Over five games of the best Star Wars PC games ever, Katarn goes from a grizzled merc to a nuanced, relatable Jedi Master. Rogue One destroyed Kyle’s legacy of being the first person to steal the Death Star plans, and I can’t see it as likely he’ll be CGI’d into the background for the Special Edition.


    Showing you how a real Sith lord builds a droid, HK-47 was constructed by Darth Revan for the express purpose of murder “It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxy” Appearing in KotOR and The Old Republic, HK-47 is a fan favourite and one of the few examples of a darker sense of humour in the EU. HK also appears in the Galaxy of Heroes mobile game and is probably the closest to canon he’ll ever get.

    Garen Malek

    Come on, it’s got to be Starkiller. Sam Witwer’s greatest contribution to Star Wars, Galen Marek was Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, hunting down the last of the Jedi before going face and helping to found the Rebel Alliance. Starkiller appeared in a bunch of games, novels and comic books, and is a fully-formed character. I wrote a piece showing how the Starkiller myth ended up being woven into the Rebels cartoon, but I think we’d all like to see Starkiller swinging a saber one more time.

    Mara Jade

    Mara Jade is an absolute badass. An Imperial assassin, trained in the Dark Side of the Force, sent to murder Luke Skywalker. Eventually turning her back on the Dark Side and training as a Jedi Knight. Brilliant, brilliant character and her appearance in Mysteries of the Sith is fantastic. Also had a purple lightsaber before Mace Windu appeared on the scene.

    Darth Revan

    In my last video I mentioned Darth Revan, because he almost appeared in an episode of the Clone Wars. The fallen Jedi Darth Revan appeared in Knights of the Old Republic. He’s got his own books and comics, and remains one of the most influential EU characters. Another great example of a conflicted character, and an obvious influence on Kylo Ren.

    Jodo Kast

    Masters of Teras Kasi was a terrible game, but it had some brilliant characters from around the Star Wars universe. Jodo Kast would make a great addition to the new continuity. He was a bounty hunter who wore a set of Mandalorian armour that was near-identical to Bobo Fett’s. After Boba Fett fell into the Sarlacc, Kast just pretended he was Boba Fett, and traded off the supposedly-dead bounty hunter’s name. Whether they want to keep Boba Fett dead in the new canon or not, they have the opportunity for some really cool fan service by using Jodo Kast!

    If they’re from the Old Republic timeline, they should be canon anyway as it’s so unlikely to disrupt the modern era. But I’d love to see HK wake up in an episode of one of the new TV shows. I dunno, it doesn’t matter too much does it? You can head canon most of this stuff!

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