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    sega saturn

    Sega Saturn Collecting in the Modern Era

    The Sega Saturn was released in 1995 in Europe, the third console from the Japanese company who'd brought us the Master System and the...
    star wars x-wing tie fighter pc game series review

    X-Wing Series Retrospective

    X-Wing and TIE Fighter. A PC series in review The X-Wing series of PC games are immensely important. They were instrumental in setting up what would...
    jedi knight mysteries of the sith screenshot

    Characters from Star Wars games who should be canon

    Here’s my pick of Star Wars characters from the computer games that I’d like to see make it into the new Disney canon.

    Independence Day Mission Disks

    The Independence Day PC game you've never heard ofThe 1990s was wild for toy merchandising. Every big summer film which came out, had a...
    star wars the force unleashed cancelled

    What Happened to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed?

    The Force Unleashed series let players take control of the Force in ways unfettered by continuity or common sense. Throughout the games, players were...

    The History of Boba Fett in Star Wars Video Games

    Boba Fett is a big fan favourite character. It's actually crazy how much Star Wars fans like him. Introduced in an animated bit on...
    retro pc benchmark results

    How to Benchmark a 90s PC

    Retro PC builders, retro gaming enthusiasts. Welcome to my guide how to benchmark a 90s PC! You can watch my video of benchmarking a...