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    A Look Back at the Assassin’s Creed Series

    Love it or loathe it, the Assassin’s Creed series is one of the biggest franchises in gaming and its popularity doesn't seem to be...
    star wars mysteries of the sith rancor

    Jedi Knight Series Retrospective

    The Jedi Knight series is a shining beacon from LucasArts's golden age. Kyle Katarn is the Expanded Universe's greatest Jedi and the Dark Forces PC games are still among the best.
    jedi knight mysteries of the sith screenshot

    Characters from Star Wars games who should be canon

    Here’s my pick of Star Wars characters from the computer games that I’d like to see make it into the new Disney canon.
    Best snes games for android - kirby's dream course

    The Best SNES Games for Android or iOS Emulation

    You can get a SNES emulator for any smartphone or tablet. The trouble is that 20 years ago, SNES games were designed to be...
    star wars the force unleased trilogy pc

    The Best Star Wars PC Games

    PC games have long been the beating heart of the Star Wars universe. Here's the best Star Wars PC games.
    best coop games best couch co-op games

    The Best Couch Coop Games

    The best couch coop games represent the most fun to be had in multiplayer video games. The best couch coop games generate fantastic multiplayer experiences because they are shared...
    best gaming joystick for windows pc

    The Best GamePort Joystick for your Old Gaming PC

    On a quest to find the best retro 90s gameport joystick for your retro gaming PC? I made a list of the top six...

    The History of Boba Fett in Star Wars Video Games

    Boba Fett is a big fan favourite character. It's actually crazy how much Star Wars fans like him. Introduced in an animated bit on...
    star wars the force unleashed review

    Cancelled: The Force Unleashed 3

    Following on from my article about The Force Unleashed series, The Force Unleashed 3 was planned and canned and today I want to find out as...